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Notice of Privacy

The law requires you to have privacy policies if you collect data from visitors to your website. Customize your policy details to explain the process you will follow to protect your users' information.

SOLCELMIX Aliados is committed to protecting the data it collects from its users. This policy describes the process of collecting, using and protecting the personal information we receive from visitors to our website. By entering our website you authorize the use of cookies, as established in the terms of this policy.

Data collection
SOLCELMIX Aliados collects the minimum necessary personally identifiable information to improve this website and the services we offer. The data we collect includes all or any information you enter when using our website or services.

Use of information
SOLCELMIX Aliados may use personal information collected through this website for the purposes described in this policy. The personal information processed on this site will not be kept longer than necessary, under any circumstances. We will take reasonable steps to prevent the loss or misuse of your personal information (for example, data encryption).

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